Negative Keywords

“How can I remove an appointment out of the calendar?” “If I take the number out of the appointment will this stop appointment reminder sending a text message?” “How can I stop canceled appointments getting an appointment reminder?”

Negative Keywords are words Appointment Reminder will scan for within each google appointment and if detected will be removed from Appointment Reminder. This is really useful for ANY appointments in your Google Calendar that you don’t want to get a reminder.

To edit your Negative Keywords do the following:

You will need to repeat this for each Google Calendar you have connected to Appointment Reminder.

  1. Go to Calendar > Edit Calendars.
  2. Click edit on the Calendar you want to edit.
  3. Find the box that says “Negative Keywords”
  4. Enter the keywords you want Appointment Reminder to scan for. (multiple keywords can be separated with commas).
  5. You should no longer see any appointments in your Appointment Reminder calendar that contain a negative keyword. (once a sync is complete).
  6. Once saved give it a few minutes for a full sync to complete.

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