How to send appointment reminders from Google using Appointment Reminder

1. Create an account on Appointment Reminder.  (Start a FREE trial now.)

2.  Choose Google Calendar when you get to the integrations page.

3. Choose which Google Account you want to connect Appointment Reminder

4. Give Appointment Reminder access to Google Calendar and Contacts

5. Choose which calendars you want to sync to Appointment Reminder

6. DONE!  You have successfully connected you google calendars to Appointment Reminder.

Next Steps

  1. You can edit the message templates that are sent to your clients.
  2. Go to the calendar and view your calendars.  You should see all the appointments that have sync from your Google Calendar.
  3. Once you are happy with the message you can turn on sending (red button at top of page) and reminders will start sending to your clients.


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