Change where customer replies are delivered to

When a customer replies to your appointment reminder messages you might want their replies sent back to a specific place (email or SMS).

If you’re on the road or don’t want to deal with your email inbox immediately, you may prefer replies to come to your mobile phone. We have the following options available for customer replies:

  • email only
  • text only
  • email and SMS
  • ignore all replies.

Once you’ve logged into Appointment Reminder go to Calendar > Edit Calendars.  Then click edit on the calendar you wish to change.

Change the option ‘Where should replies from your clients be sent to’.

If you have multiple calendars then you will need to do this for each calendar.

To send to multiple email addresses separate each email address with a comma. 

Depending on which calendar you integrate with then the appointment on that calendar will also update when the customer replies.

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