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Published on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Best Google Calendar Integrations and Tools for Small Business in 2020

You’ve been using Google Calendar for your business for years and you love it. However, you’re hearing from colleagues and marketers that you should really switch to something more comprehensive. 

Is it really the best choice for business? 

What if you need more advanced features, like automated appointment reminders or task management?

That’s where this list of tools comes in. We’ve put together a roundup of our eight favorite extensions, add-ons, and tools to give your Google Calendar (and your business) superpowers.

Event Merge

Type: Organization

Summary: One of the downsides of Google Calendar is how it displays the same event across multiple calendars side-by-side, which can quickly lead to clutter and confusion. Enter Event Merge, an extension that merges duplicates of the same event into one tidy event on your calendar. This is great for businesses that need to integrate many team members’ calendars, or for the solo consultant who uses multiple calendars.

Top benefits: Keeps Google Calendar tidy and easy to read at a glance.

Price: Free

Appointment Reminder

Type: Automation

Summary: We’d be remiss to leave our own appointment scheduling tool off the list. Appointment Reminder integrates seamlessly with your Google Calendar, so you can send customized automatic reminders to all of your prospects and clients, reduce no-shows, improve client retention, and grow revenue.

Top benefits: Send SMS, text, and email reminders. No lock-in contract. Get anywhere between 100-1600 reminders per month.

Price: Free trial, then starting at $19/month.

Wrike Project Management

Type: Project and task management

Summary: If you’re looking for a project management tool that integrates with all of your favorite G-suite apps (including Google Calendar), Wrike is a popular choice. Enjoy features like custom reporting, collaboration, Gantt charts, and the ability to sync your project tasks and milestones with your calendar.

Top benefits: A big-picture view of project statuses across G-suite apps, and a mobile app.

Price: Google Drive add-on is free. Wrike itself starts with a free plan and paid plans start at $9.80/month.

Toggl Google Calendar Time Tracking

Type: Time tracking

Summary: Do you bill by the hour, or need a simple way to track how much time you or your employees spend on different activities? Toggl provides cloud-synced time tracking that integrates directly with Google Calendar, and stores this data within your Toggl account.

Top benefits: Real-time tracking and cloud data storage

Price: Starts at $9/month

Google Calendar Tags

Type: Organization

Summary: This is a tool designed for those business owners who have multiple, varying types of events on their Google calendars. By giving you the option to “tag” different events with color-coded labels, you can quickly glance at an event (or your entire day) and see which types of meetings you’ll be involved in that day.

Top benefits: Color-coded for visual simplicity, free

Price: Free

Team Cal

Type: Collaboration

Summary: If your business has several employees with different calendars, Team Cal can help you see what’s going on across your business with “Schedule View.” Like a Gantt chart, this tool displays your team’s calendars together horizontally so you can see where meetings and free time overlaps.

Top benefits: Big-picture view, free, excellent user reviews.

Price: Free


Type: Automation and third-party integrations

Summary: If you use third-party tools for project management, billing, or customer relationship management, for example, Zapier allows you to connect these to your Google Calendar to create thousands of automations. If you ever wondered how you could automatically send an email to someone who books an appointment or send an invoice to someone you’ve met with, Zapier has the answer.

Top benefits: Integrates with over 2,000 apps, easy to create custom and multi-step automations.

Price: Get 100 automations per month for free, and then plans range from $19-599/month.

Cirrus Insight

Type: Email, Salesforce Integration, and Productivity

Summary: While Cirrus Insight is primarily an email and Salesforce integration tool, it claims that it helps its users schedule three times more meetings by allowing you to propose times within your emails. If you’re already using Salesforce (or you’re on the hunt for an email productivity tool), this may be the one.

Top benefits: Propose meeting times in email, sync events between Salesforce and email, track emails, set email follow-ups.

Price: Free


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