Reminder and Communication Templates For Small Businesses


If you’re running a small business, you know how important it is to maintain consistent, professional communication with your clients, but also how important it is to manage your time well.

Writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit, and if crafting a well-written message or a polite reminder to your clients is going to take a great deal of your workday, why reinvent the wheel? There are many templates out there that you can make use of and tailor to your particular business.

In some situations, you will also find that templates will not only help you with the wording of your message but also the look and appearance, allowing you to tailor the visual appearance of what you are sending to your customers.

We’ve taken the time to round up some of the places that you can find these templates to save you even more time.

Take a look at the categories below, follow the links and think about how much time you’ll save by using the work and words of others as a starting point to communicate your business’s message.

Email Templates 

Many of the big email services, such as MailChimp, offer free starter services that come equipped with free email templates you can use to both make your emails look better, and sound more professional.

Other choices include Zoho Campaigns, EmailOut, and Email Octopus, whose whimsically titled free service called “Shrimp” will let you send free emails to up to 2,500 clients and has plenty of templates to choose from. They even have eleven of their templates that are completely free to download from their website without signing up for anything at all.

SMS Templates 

SMS, or text messages, can be very useful as attention grabbers, calls to action or quick service reminders or appointment reminders. SMS messages, of course, require less work to write, but it can still be very useful to have a list of ready-to-go templates to communicate information to your customers.

The Appointment Reminder blog has a handy list of marketing and promotional SMS templates that can be used and tailored to your small business’s needs.

These templates can apply to a variety of businesses ranging from hair salons to law offices to car repair shops. The templates range from “just the facts” templates to more personalized messages to ensure that you’re sending the right message with the right information.

Letter and Postcard Templates

Depending on the type of small business you are running, you may want to go old school and send out letters and postcards. Especially if your client base is older, you will not want to depend entirely on electronic communications, remembering that many people prefer traditional mail, or do not have access to cell phones and computers.

As with the email services above, many companies that charge for their services, such as, also offer some free templates for postcards and letters. These, as with the other templates, are fully editable, allowing you to put your own information into the nicely produced and laid out images.

If are willing to work with the most basic postcard available that you can print yourself, then does provide totally free postcard templates with very basic options with no strings attached.

Cancellation Policy Templates 

Moving beyond mailers, one essential type of communication for any small business is a cancellation policy. If your small business makes appointments, you know that canceled appointments cost you money. It is essential that you have a policy that will communicate clearly to your clients what the penalties for missing an appointment are.

There are many sites that can help you get started drafting your policy by providing a template.  SampleTemplates provides a range of PDFs for different types of businesses, as does Template Sumo.

Finally, while the above examples offer very detailed (and therefore potentially very helpful) cancellation policy templates, Occasion offers some simpler examples that may be more useful to businesses with less information to share.

Appointment and Service Reminder Templates 

There are a variety of ways your business can send appointment reminders to clients and patients. Whether you choose SMS, email or another medium, it’s vital that you communicate effectively with your clients. This list of resources will help you craft the message that you are looking for so you can do just that.