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Published on Thursday, April 11, 2019

How to Send a Text Reminder to Clients

Looking for an easy and affordable way to send reminders to your clients? Look no further than your smartphone or computer. Both of these devices have all of the capabilities that you need to send text reminders to your clients and ensure that they actually show up for their appointments.

Why Text Reminders?

You probably receive text reminders yourself, so you already know how helpful they can be.

Most of us have at some point made an appointment and then promptly forgotten about it. But if you own a small business that relies on regular appointments for clients, you know that missed appointments are more than just an inconvenience—they’re lost revenue.

Each no-show represents a piece of your income that you’ve lost. If each missed appointment represents $100 in revenue, for example, and you currently average five missed appointments a week, you’re losing thousands of dollars a month and tens of thousands of dollars a year.

This is where appointment reminders come in. In one study, individuals who received text message reminders had a significantly lower no-show rate than those who didn’t—23.5% in the former group, versus 30.8% in the latter group. That’s a big difference from just one text.

The Value of a Text Reminder

If your goal is to reduce your costs and increase your revenue, then text reminders may be your best bet. All types of reminders can reduce your no-show rate, but text reminders offer the most bang for your buck. They’re more cost-effective than traditional reminders like postcards and phone calls since they don’t require additional materials or manpower to put into action. And they’re particularly superior to phone calls, many of which will not reach an available recipient.

Text reminders are also easy to automate through dedicated software systems. These systems are quickly amortized, with initial set-up fees recouped by the number of filled appointments that your business will gain.

How to Send a Text Reminder to Clients

Now that we’ve outlined the value of a text reminder, let’s review the best ways for you to integrate the practice into your small business.

Compare reminder software

Choose software that fits your needs. Some appointment reminder programs are designed specifically for healthcare businesses, some for spa and fitness firms, and others for political, fundraising, or marketing messages.

Consider what your specific business needs are. Then compare what various software options can do for you, while also looking out for what program will give you the most value for your money. Be sure to factor in other system nuances too, such as if you need one that will work on Apple products, one that is web-based, one that offers a free trial, or one that is geared toward a specific amount of users.

Work through systems you already use

You may already have everything you need to install an appointment reminder program. For example, if you use Google Chrome, you can use it to search for appointment reminder software and download a program directly to your browser.

Searches within Chrome reveal a list of choices for comparison. Filter them by the features they offer, the platforms they work with, or the ratings of other Google Chrome users.

Download and go

Once you’ve found the software that fits your needs, download it to your phone or computer and get to work. Most appointment reminder software options offer intuitive, step-by-step instructions on how to send individual or bulk text messages.

Enjoy less no-shows without having to do a ton of extra work. Learn more about Appointment Reminder’s business plans and start doing more to ensure your clients show up when they’re supposed to.


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