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Published on Friday, May 15, 2020

How Appointment Reminders Help You Acquire and Retain Customers

A customer no-show is a problem for all businesses, but especially SMBs. When you’re walking a tight bottom line, you need to ensure that every dollar you spend to acquire and retain your customers is stretched as far as it can go. And when you come so far only to have a customer fail to appear at a predetermined appointment, you’re losing out not just on resources but on an opportunity to turn a current customer into a future one.

In a Campaign Monitor report, small business owners overwhelmingly declared customer acquisition as their biggest challenge. But the challenge is actually two-fold. Customer acquisition and retention are inherently related, with the latter being the true money maker and the former being a foundational necessity for making it happen — after all, you can’t retain a customer if you don’t get them in the door first. Considering though that it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one, it’s clear that there’s no time (or money) to waste when it comes to getting both of these key marketing challenges done right.

Running a successful business means prioritizing your marketing challenges and finding the right tools to help you overcome them. Making sure that your clients actually show up when they’re supposed to is a way to navigate the steps that turn one-time customers into long-time customers. And when you’ve spent so much to acquire that customer in the first place, it pays to ensure you don’t let them fall through the cracks.   

So how do you bridge the gap? That’s where appointment reminders come in.

How Appointment Reminders Help You Connect

Acquiring new customers requires targeted marketing efforts that build brand awareness and integrity and convey to a lead that your business has the solution for their problem. From there, it’s the great service that you provide when they walk in the door that helps keep your customers coming back. But what are you doing in the interim to optimize the customer experience and facilitate a follow through?

Appointment reminders through SMS text messages, emails, and phone calls are the missing link in the journey from new customer to loyal customer. By providing these touchpoints to your clients at an opportune time, you mitigate the risk of a no show and provide the right form of connection at the right time. More than just saving you money in the long term by reducing your no-show rates, appointment reminders serve broad marketing purposes that make them an essential part of a cohesive marketing strategy, checking in with customers to help you stay relevant and top of mind.

Send a Reminder, Keep a Customer

Effective customer retention — just like effective customer acquisition — is a conscious effort. It’s important that you connect the dots in a variety of ways, offering not just stellar service but stellar communication to go along with it. When you send a personalized appointment reminder, you further the trust in your brand that helped you snag that customer in the first place. You also protect the investment you made in acquisition.

Running a small business necessitates having a plan for how you’re going to overcome your biggest challenges. Be sure to consider customer acquisition and customer retention not just as individual priorities but as two sides of the same coin. Implementing appointment reminders helps you make more of an impact with your customers, and can make all the difference between losing a customer and maintaining their business for the long term. 

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