Attorney Appointment Reminders to Grow Your Practice

If you are an attorney seeking to grow your practice, or a partner in a small law firm looking for ways to improve your communication with clients, increase your billable hours and move your firm toward greater profitability, we suggest looking into attorney appointment reminders.

What is the value of an appointment reminder for an attorney seeking to grow their practice?

Appointment reminders are key to ensuring that you don’t end up with empty appointment slots and lost revenue. Whether your firm specializes in litigation or transactional law, your number one asset is time. You are selling your services by the hour.

You only get a fixed number of hours each day in which you can earn money from selling your time by spending it on working for clients. When a client books an hour with you, and then misses the appointment, that hour of your day remains empty, and that time is lost.

You may have spent time preparing for the appointment in advance in addition to the hour blocked out on your schedule as well. Every second of that time is then lost money that you will never recover.  

The most productive law offices in the country are backed up by efficient attorney appointment reminder services that help ensure that they are maximizing their billable hours and their office’s output. Let’s look at why no-shows happen and what kind of reminders might be right for your law firm.

Why No Shows Happen

Even though the work of attorneys is essential to their clients, it seems that clients, especially those involved in the stress of a court case or difficult legal situation can too easily forget their appointment.

A client who is battling health issues because of an accident may be forgetful or a business client may have last-minute work that distracts them and cause them to forget their appointment.

Sometimes, however, we should consider that clients avoid attorney consultations almost on purpose, dreading bad news, unpleasant conversations or the cost of the visit. The emotional stress of divorce proceedings, frustration around the lack of progress on a case, or fear of what will happen in criminal proceedings are all reasons why your client may miss their appointment.

Interestingly, one last reason that some clients miss appointments is a feeling that they are not respected and appreciated in the office where they are being served. Some clients dread coming to an appointment if they fear that they will be condescended to, scolded or otherwise talked to in a negative way.

These reasons, whether your client acknowledges them consciously or not, are even more reason to offer frequent appointment reminders. Very few people consciously choose to miss appointments. But many allow their brains to distract them away from unpleasant tasks.

What Kind of Appointment Reminders Can Help Your Practice or Firm?

There are a variety of types of attorney appointment reminders that a business can use to help reduce the number of no-shows that they experience, reducing lost billable hours and increasing revenue and productivity. These include SMS text messaging, emails, phone calls, and postcards.  We will offer some brief pros and cons of each type of appointment reminders.

1. SMS / Text message reminders

Attorney appointment reminders sent by text offer several advantages. Firstly, they are immediate, reaching the client on the cell phone, which is sure to be close at hand, in their pocket, purse, or even on their desk. SMS messages can be automated, and are very inexpensive. The potential drawback of SMS reminders is that older clients or lower income clients (who must pay per message received) may not be as comfortable with this kind of reminder. Text messages, however, are generally considered the most cost-effective option, and the best place to begin.

2.  Email reminders  

Email reminders have similar advantages to those of text messages. They are cheap to send and easy to automate. Even younger clients may not see them as often, however, as they may be caught in the spam or junk filters in email inboxes. In addition, the same drawbacks apply as older or lower-income clients may not have access or feel comfortable with email.

3.  Phone call reminders

Phone call reminders may be a better option for firms and businesses who deal with lower income and older clientele who prefer or need to be communicated with by phone. Phone calls can be automated, though this is often more expensive for a service, or time-consuming for an employee. Phone call reminders made by a human employee, however, are very effective in preventing no-shows.

4. Postcards

Postcards, like phone calls, are a good option for firms with many older or lower income clients. Postcards can reach those clients without email, and while more expensive than text messages or email, can be printed and mailed relatively cheaply. The most significant downside to postcards is the issue of timing. While a text message can be guaranteed to arrive the day before and the day of an appointment, it is much more difficult to time the delivery of a postcard.

Finding the Right Service to Help You with Your Attorney Appointment Reminders

As you can see, there are multiple options for how to take on the very important task of reducing no-shows to your law firm. Luckily, a service like Appointment Reminder can help you find the best and most cost-effective way to reach out and make sure that you are making the most of your time every day. Appointment Reminder can help you reduce your no-shows by up to 90%. Visit their site and see how they can help you today!