5 Easy-to-Implement Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Business


When you run a quick search for digital marketing tips, what do you find? If your search is anything like ours, you get endless blogs spewing the benefits of click funnels, drip campaigns, CTR, SEO, PPC—it’s enough to make your head spin. You’re trying to run a business, not memorize a dictionary of marketing jargon.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially when you’re running a small business. Most people aren’t going to drive hours to visit a massage therapist or a stylist. You want to reach the people that are in your network, looking for your services. The only noise you need to focus on cutting through is your competitor’s.

So, let’s not focus on the funnel cakes or the drip-drop whatever—let’s focus on a basic strategy to help you outshine your competitors and get your calendar filled to the brim with client meetings.

Improve your website and social media presence.

Social media is important, but it’s crucial for all businesses to have a website. Each online presence has vital importance in your strategy.

Your social media profiles, like Facebook and Instagram, are for building a relationship with your customers and prospects. You can use it to educate your clients, show them what’s happening behind-the-scenes, and remind them that your organization is made up of people they like and trust. Your social media profile will allow new customers to see how you interact with possible clients, get a glimpse into your inner-workings, and see last-minute updates like closures due to storms.

Your website, however, is a resource for everything you want the public to know about your business. It is a way to build credibility, inform new clients about your services, and pull potential customers in thanks to search traffic from Google. You will also want a website to be able to create landing pages to link up to your ads.

So, how can you improve your web presence?

Your social media posts shouldn’t always be promotional—try to keep a good mix of company updates, educational posts, and the occasional sales pitch. Ensure that you or a team member monitors the pages regularly and answers any questions that come in quickly.

For your website, you may want to have a professional build it. With platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix, a professional designer can create a page for you, and you can maintain it. The most important thing is that your website reflects your business well and allows customers to contact you or book appointments online quickly.

Make your Google listing shine.

Google offers a free service called Google My Business. Sign up for your profile and make sure that your listing is accurate. Next, add photos and relevant video of your business. You’ll want to show the fantastic work you do, how lovely your office space is, and how courteous your staff is.

The more details you provide to Google My Business, the better your search results will appear. If you take the time to make a more robust listing, your competitors won’t be able to stand out against you in the search rankings.

Ask customers for online reviews.

If you provide a fantastic experience for your patients or clients, ask them to leave you a review on Google or Facebook. Send them a follow-up email or SMS the same day with a link your Google reviews or Facebook page and kindly ask them to leave their thoughts.

Many potential customers will look at your social media page and Google My Business listing when deciding which provider to use. Reviews from real people that show how your organization has impacted them can go a long way toward getting new customers to click that “book appointment” button.

Experiment with social media sponsored ads and Google Ads.

At one time, Facebook was a great way to reach people organically. In recent years, Facebook has decided to focus more on person-to-person interaction, which means your business posts may not reach all of your followers and those they share with.

Facebook offers the ability to create simple sponsored ads on their Business page Ad Center. Be sure to include an enticing video or graphic, along with short, sweet, and persuasive writing about your business.

Google Ads is another excellent way to reach clients. You can advertise on websites and put your site at the top of the Google search results. Google Ads can be a little hairy to understand, but they offer free online and local training to help you make the most of your account.

For both Facebook and Google Ads ads to be the most effective, create custom, relevant landing pages on your website to link the ads to. A landing page is a simple webpage that only addresses the product or service your ad mentions and asks the customer to perform a task through a call-to-action, like “sign up for emails” or “book an appointment.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your landing pages and ads. Every business will be different, so it can take some trial and error to find that special sauce that works.

Take your ads one step further with geofencing.

Finally, if you want to take your Facebook or Google Ads even further, consider implementing some geofencing. This is an amazing tool for local businesses.

You can use location services on both Facebook and Google to ensure that you are targeting the proper city or region for your advertisements, but you can also go one step further.

Let’s say, for example; you’re a salon that does a lot of bridal hair and make-up. You could set up some hyper-focused geofence (which is simply a boundary set by you on a map) around area wedding venues, dress shops, and even a convention center during a bridal show.

You are in control of the time of day the ads will show, where they will show, and even the demographics of who will see it.

Now, you won’t get immense traffic from these types of campaigns, of course. You’re targeting a small area; but you’ll be targeting the exact customers you want to see in your business, at a time they’re thinking about your services.

Digital marketing is incredibly powerful, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Work your way through this list and keep improving your efforts one step at a time. Soon, bringing in targeted, relevant customers through your online presence will seem effortless.